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People change, but so do you. Sometimes for the best, and sometimes for the worst. Bad things happen to everyone. You're not in it alone. People lie, and some people just don’t care how you feel. Your heart beats, no matter how much pain you're in. Everything will be okay, eventually. There are always people in your life that just make your day, no matter the miles. Don’t tell me it’s easy because it’s not- but it is worth it, I'd rather stay in touch with the people I love; than just drop it and forget about it. You forgive; but never forget, and you certainly don’t forget about the ones you love. It doesn’t work like that. Give it all you've got, and live your life to the fullest. People would kill to be you, have what you have, someone always has it worse than you, but that doesn’t mean your pain doesn't count.

-Jaison Lefroy.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Yaoi addict?

Guurh, I know that you find it crazy and amusing not at all...okay not everyone, but the most-But...I'm yaoi addict. :O Nothing special. I just feel random need for reading some yaoi novel or manga or just watch some of the animes. Weird, yeah O_o'
I MUST, really MUST say that my favourite yaoi EVER is: Ai no kusabi :]
I watched the anime couple of months ago and after it I found out that I was completely in love with it!. Also, I found the novel, actually 4 parts of 6 (I still can't find the other two) and I read it, of course. It was...better than the anime, original and special on its own way. Couple of days ago I randomly typed 'Ai no kusabi' on Google, and after some time spent in browsing, I found this fanfiction was written by some girl, something like after end of it. I was so happy to see that Riki and Iason didn't die. Of course, it's not the main, something true but still, I was happy. I recommend it to all Ai no kusabi fans :] <-- that's the link that leads to the story. I liked this girl's work. I liked it very much. It actually inspired me.
[[Just to add that you may be able to see some of my work in the next days :)]]
My second favourite yaoi is Junjou Romantica. There's nothing much to discuss about it, it's simply romantic and adorable :D
I won't bother with my fangirl sentences anymore...these are the rest of the yaois I've seen: Ikoku Irokoi Romantan, Loveless(more shounen-ai if you ask me!), Haru wo Daiteita, Papa to kiss in the dark, Kirepapa, Yami no Matsuei, Enzai(it also gave me inspiration for one totally weird story!;o), Gravitation.
Princess Princess and Kuroshitsuji(Black Butler) are shounen-ai-s so I decided to mention them down here.

Well that was all I wanted to share today. See yawh!! [;